Trust Disputes; Litigation and Resolution

A relatively recent trend toward the proliferation of family trusts, designed to remove the distribution of family assets from a costly proceeding in a probate court, has shifted title and control of valuable assets to a succession of individuals, acting as trustees and successor trustees of family trusts. The law imposes fiduciary and other duties upon the trustee and future successor trustees, including the obligation to provide interested parties with annual accountings. Disputes between parties with differing interests often arise in connection with the administration of trusts. In California, trust administration disputes are determined in the probate court, as are probate proceedings, such as the probating (proving) of wills and will contests (to challenge the validity of the will). We have a depth of experience in the successful resolution of many trust administration and probate proceedings.

If you are a trustee or a beneficiary of a trust and the only resolution you have left is litigation, it is best to consider an attorney that has substantial litigation experience. Werner Law Firm has the experience in a courtroom that your case requires. Choosing litigation as a tool for a dispute involving a living trust, or living will, is a serious decision. In many of these disputes, family members are involved and in many cases they bring unreasonable expectations and unwillingness to see any compromise.

In these situations, you will need a skilled attorney that is comfortable representing litigants. It is not enough to understand the law; you will need a lawyer that understands how to execute the law in a court of law. Consideration needs to be made regarding court applications. When you have been put into a place where your only resolution is through the court, you will need a lawyer that is battle tested; an expert litigator. You might feel the need to add an attorney with trial experience to your team if your current representation is lacking in actual courtroom experience. Here is an article that will give you a quick understanding about the rights you have as a beneficiary of a living trust.

If you find after reviewing the article that you need to pursue litigation and will require an expert litigator located in Orange, Los Angeles or Riverside Counties Contact Werner Law Firm at (657) 235-5053 and end your search for a lawyer for trust litigation matters.

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